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  May 1st Italy’s International Worker’s Day

 Italy’s International Worker’s Day

Felice Festa dei Lavoratori!

 This site is devoted to the Gualtieri & Guatieri Family to provide and share information. The focus will be with my great-grandfather Antonio Gualtieri and my grandfather, Salvatore Gualtieri, and their descendents. However, you can be sure, I'll squeeze in a few things about my grandparent on my mothers side also.

Bisnonno Antonio Gualtieri & Bisnonna Giuseppina Garro Gualtieri

Antonio Gualtieri & Giuseppina Garro Gualtieri


If you are a Gualtieri or Guatieri and want to post information, recipes or have ideas, please contact Tony (see link below.)
If you would like an email whenever the site changes, again send an email to Tony.

Come Back Soon, I try to update something each week!


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